A Look At Israeli Designer Jewelry

As the popularity of designer jewelry and clothing grows in popularity, so does the sales of knock offs that mimic their design. The reputable companies design quality products that are stylish and that can be reflected in the price of the item. To be on the safe side, many consumers buy their designer pieces from the brand's department store or look for them on the Internet.

The knock offs that mimic the designer's real thing often give the consumer somewhat of a price break. The trade-off is a piece of jewelry or clothing that doesn't meet the standard of the name brand designer. For example, the jewelry may be made of precious metal but the gems may be of low quality gems. Gems with flaws and imperfections cause the value of the piece to be lower.

Knock offs are getting harder and harder to spot. For many years, designers have developed their own way of labeling or marking their product for identification. Now days, many of the knock offs have the same as the originals, only slightly different. Sometimes it can just be a stitch that is misplaced that can be a clue that it is an impostor.

There are a few things an average consumer should be aware of when looking to purchase a designer brand. There are a few signs that what is being bought is a knock off.

1. Research the designers. Education on the marks and labels of the designer jewelry or handbags can be vital in detecting a fake. Know what to ask the seller when inquiring about the piece that is found interesting. Ask for certifications, if it is available. If it has been appraised, ask for the appraisal slip to verify that it is not a fake.

2. Buy from the designer's store or website. This is a reassurance that the articles of interest are the designer's creations. Some web sites will show the picture of the designer's product, but in reality, it is not what is received. It is often difficult to purchase designer jewelry on line because flaws in the gems used can't be seen very clearly.

3. Look at the gemstones for flaws and discolorations. Most precious stones offered in designer jewelry should be clear and free from spots. That's when doing research comes into play. Know what to look for, don't go into it blind.

4. Talk to others. Find a chat room or forum to talk to people looking to buy designer jewelry or those that have. They can share information that can help make the decision as to purchase the piece or not. They can shed light on jewelry makers that are known for knock offs and where to find the real thing.

When purchasing designer jewelry, it is very important to know what to look for. It is easy to end up with a fake designer instead of the real thing. There are many knock off creations, and their main objective is to look like the designer jewelry and handbags of the top names of the designers.